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Veglia-Devero neighbouring park

On Binntal nature park's southern border, between the Hillenhorn and the Albrun Pass, lies the Parco Naturale Veglia-Devero, the oldest nature park in Piedmont. The two conservation areas either side of the border, linked by several pass crossings, have similar interests in common.

Binntal nature park has close contacts with its Italian neighbour. The Veglia-Devero Nature Park is an important partner for Binntal. The park administration in Varzo, Italy has a wealth of experience in conservation projects and mountain agriculture and is involved in the Alps-wide network of conservation areas.

More information on the Veglia-Devero Nature Park can be found in Italian at:

Alpe Veglia - Alpe Devero – Binntal brochure

The parks have worked together to produce a brochure containing information on hikes, accommodation, cafés and restaurants, and public transport.

Alpe Veglia - Alpe Devero – Binntal brochure
Brochure map (with hiking suggestions)

Public transport

Alpe Devero can be reached the whole year round by bus from Domodossola. First take the Comazzi bus for 'Ponte Formazza, Cascate del Toce' as far as Baceno. Change buses in Baceno to the Pronto bus to Alpe Devero.

Winter timetable 2018/2019
Comazzi bus Domo - Baceno - Formazza – Cascate
Pronto bus to Alpe Devero

Alpe Veglia can be reached during the summer months by taking the Pronto bus from Varzo. After the final stop 'Ponte Campo' (at San Domenico) it is about 1 ½ hour's walk up to the alp.


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