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Conservation area

The Binntal valley contains a host of conservation areas of national, cantonal and communal importance.


In 1964 the Commune of Binn, the Walliser Bund für Naturschutz (now Pro Natura Wallis) and the Monte Rosa section of the Swiss Alpine Club formed an agreement to protect Binntal, the first agreement of its kind designed to protect the Alpine region.

The agreement banned expanding hydropower for 100 years and stated that no further second homes or tourist facilities should be built. Rules and restrictions in Binntal cantonal conservation area in accordance with the decision of 6 November 1964 by the Valais cantonal council: 

  • Keep to the officially marked walking paths.
  • Plants may not be destroyed and animals may not be disturbed.


Over 5000 hectares of Binntal nature park are listed as protected areas in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance. These include 83 hectares of dry meadows and pastures spread throughout the park, a 352-hectare moor landscape of national importance – embedded in the Albrun high plateau between Mittlenberghütte, Ofenhorn and Albrunpass – and a low-moor bog of national importance in Oxenfeld.

All watercourses in the park – primarily the Binna and the Rhone, including tributaries – are also protected.

Nature is not the only thing to enjoy excellent levels of protection in Binntal nature park: its cultural heritage is also protected. For example, all historical town centres are designated as «village zones with the corresponding protection provisions» in the building and zone regulations are also listed in the inventories and plans of the Office for Building Construction, Monument Preservation and Archaeology, and are subject to special building regulations. The villages of Ernen and Mühlebach have even defined a perimeter for 'protected roof landscapes'.


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