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Mountain farming with a future

One of the stunning features of Binntal nature park is its well preserved and varied alpine agricultural land, the result of hundreds of years of careful farming practices..

Farming in the valley turned the landscape into an intricate mosaic of cropped fields, meadows, hedges and fences, paths and water channels, the fields dotted at different altitudes with houses and barns. The traces of this mosaic are still clearly visible, in the fertile soils of the valley floor, in the steep, sparse mountain slopes and in forest clearings on higher land.

For centuries, agriculture was the economic and cultural pulse of the park region, but its importance began to decline many years ago. Nonetheless, this sector of the economy still plays an important role in the care and upkeep of the landscape, and provides income and employment. Agriculture is a continuously being developed in Binntal nature park, with a focus on encouraging more ecological land use and increasing added value by improving the quality of the products produced in the valley.


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