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Alpine dairy Grengiols

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The dairy cooperative has been in existence since 1927 and still has 10 suppliers with an annual production of around 70 tons of cheese. The well-known "Gomser 55", a protected local brand, has been produced in the village dairy for decades.

Production has now switched to raclette cheese and the business received the AOC raclette label in 2010. The popular "Grängjerli" and other dairy products are also offered and marketed under the Landscape Park label.
The high-quality of the dairy products is not only due to the traditional and carefully nurtured craftsmanship but also to the pure milk which can be traced back to the lush meadows and grazing land. Discover the traditional cultural landscape of the municipality of Grengiols which the farmers cultivate and manage with a high level of commitment.

You can buy the cheese directly from the vending machine in front of the dairy. Just a short detour from the cantonal road towards Brig, you will find the new alpine dairy on the left-hand side.

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Sennerei Grengiols
Präsident Ernst Zumthurm
3993 Grengiols
Tel. +41 27 927 17 11
Mobile +41(0)79 442 81 29

Alpine dairy Grengiols