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Alp Furgge

The management of Alp Furgge is organised as a cooperative and unites farmers from Ernen and the surrounding area. Alp Furgge covers an extensive area.

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Alpine dairy Grengiols

The dairy cooperative has been in existence since 1927 and still has 10 suppliers with an annual production of around 70 tons of cheese. The well-known "Gomser 55", a protected local brand, has been produced in the village dairy for decades.

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Bergland products

«Bergland Produkte» is a farm and 'life' community comprising six adults and five children. We operate an organically-based agri-tourism farm in picturesque Ernen, at 1,200 metres above sea level.

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Binn Alpine cheese dairy

Land management in the Binn Alps is organised on a cooperative basis and brings together farmers from Binn and the surrounding area. The Binn Alps extend over an extensive, open valley.

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