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Bergland Produkte

Bergland Produkte is a farm community of three families with five children, running an organic farm and offering soft tourism at 1,200 metres above sea level in Ernen, Wallis.

The 60-hectare farm is run according to the biodynamic criteria of the Demeter association. Bergland Produkte has had the Bio Suisse label and KAG certification since 1992 and Demeter certification since 1998.

Bergland Produkte keeps rare animal breeds such as Hinterwald cattle, Valais Red sheep and Swallow-bellied Mangalica. Not forgetting the mules, which are used for riding, trekking and training.

Aromatic plants and herbs thrive in our fields, along with a range of vegetable varieties. The products are dried slowly and carefully on the farm to produce delicious teas, seasoning and vegetable mixes. They are sold to restaurants and shops, and can be purchased in the farm shop or by mail order.
Bergland farm shop