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Spa and tourism promotion tax

With the establishment of the Binntal Nature Park Tourist Association, it was necessary to standardize the tourist tax regulations within the three municipalities. Since the new Valais Tourism Act came into force, the visitor's tax is no longer capped and higher tourist tax rates became possible.

In order make an attractive offer for guests, it was decided to slightly raise the visitors tax rate.

The new visitor tax regulations

Nights for holiday apartments and mountain chalets will be billed at a flat rate, under the new visitor's tax regulations. This is provided for in the Valais Tourism Act. Hotels, camp sites, mountain huts and group accommodations continue to bill effectively.

The visitor's taxes directly benefit the guests since it is earmarked to maintain the tourist infrastructure and finance the gueast card services (in German).

Visitor tax regulations Grengiols (in German)
Tourist promotion tax regulations Grengiols (in German)

How is the tourist tax flat rate calculated?

The flat rate covers all overnight stays in the corresponding property. The flat rate is calculated based on

  • The number of beds and the size of the apartment (this calculation is standardized and cannot be changed)
  • Average occupancy (28 nights)
  • Tourist tax (CHF 3.50). 

Apartment size

Tourist tax flat rate

Up to 2.5 Rooms (2 Beds) CHF 196.00
3 - 3.5 Rooms (4 Beds) CHF 392.00
4 Rooms and larger (5 Beds) CHF 490.00
Mountain huts CHF 98.00


The visitor's tax can, but does not have to, be passed directly to the guests: Adults (from 16 years) CHF 3.50, children between 6- 16 years CHF 1.75.


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