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Corporate Volunteering in Binntal nature park

In Switzerland there is a long tradition of volunteering to help people in the mountain regions. Formerly this might have been 'Landdienst' – 'country service' – and today it often takes the form of corporate volunteering.

The aim of volunteer work is to support communities, cooperatives, associations, the nature park and private individuals so that work can be carried out cost-effectively in the public interest. Simpler jobs that require many hands include maintaining historical transport routes, hiking trails and water channels. Another simple but important task is clearing scrub on meadows and pastures in spring. More elaborate jobs include maintaining cultural heritage objects such as traditional agricultural buildings.

Groups from Switzerland and abroad come to the park to do this work. They include associations, schools, public administrations and companies, but also individuals., civil defence organizations and civil service organizations are the park's main volunteer partners.

If you would like to volunteer or if you require help from volunteers, please contact the volunteering coordinator Peter Clausen at


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