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E-Bike-route Blitzingen–Binn

E-bike itinerary

This diverse route takes you through the Binntal Landscape Park. Discover beautiful cultural landscapes, traditional mountain villages and the wild Twingi gorge with breathtaking views - a high-class nature experience.

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points of interest
1. Historic village Mühlebach
2. Ernen village square
3. Twingi gorge
4. Historic hotel Ofenhorn


June, July, August, September, October


34.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
610 m
Altitude difference descent
610 m
Time required
2 hours
Level technique
Level condition


Starting point
Blitzingen, Bahnhof MGB (Altitude: 1290 m)
Arrival by public transport
Blitzingen, Dorfplatz Timetable SBB
Blitzingen, Bahnhof MGB (Altitude: 1400 m)
Arrival by public transport
Blitzingen, Dorfplatz Timetable SBB


You cycle along the Rhone route no. 1 via Ernen until you reach the tunnel entrance at "Steimaata" and then follow the cycle and hiking trail (unpaved road) through the Twingi gorge. At the end of the gorge the trail ascends to the main road to Binn.
For the return journey we recommend a small detour (5min) to Ze Binne, a tiny picturesque hamlet above the reservoir (turn left at the bus stop Langthal below Binn). At the entrance to Ausserbinn turn right and follow the TCS cycling route 1 up and over the hill (road partly unpaved) to Ernen and from Ernen take the Rhone route back to Blitzingen.

Equipment rent

FLYER-rental station:
3989 Blitzingen
FLYER reservation:
Tel: 027 971 03 30
or mail to:
Opening times:
Mo - Su: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.


For picknick you can order a lunch bag with specialities of the region by Klaus Leuenberger at 079 262 79 56. Please order 2 days in advance.
From Binn, you can take a little trip to Fäld (10 minutes) a wonderful village of national importance. Visit as well the mineral cave, which belongs to the ten world's most famous discoveries with very singular and special types of minerals.
The battery can be charged at a charging station opposite the tourist office.

Possibilities for catering

Blitzingen, Mühlebach, Ernen, Ausserbinn, Binn, Fäld


Landschaftspark Binntal
Dorfstrasse 31
Postfach 20
3996 Binn
Tel. +41 27 971 50 50

E-Bike-route Blitzingen–Binn

E-Bike-route Blitzingen–Binn

Jägerheim Inn Ausserbinn

This meeting point for you and your family offers you an excellent cuisine with house specialities as well as traditional Valais and Swiss specialities.

RestaurantRoom / Holiday flatCafé

Hamlet of Bodme with its past

Even today, the small settlement of Bodmen displays all components of a genuine independent village; chapel, residential and utility buildings, trails, alleys and courtyards, scattered green area are integrated into a fascinating community.

Cultural landscapeSite

Twing gorge

This deep gorge used to be a difficult passage in the trade route over the Albrun pass to Italy. Today the old track with small natural rock tunnels and rare flowers offers a spectacular landscape experience.

Natural monumentHistorical placeViewpoint

Historic village Mühlebach

Make a stop in the small hamlet and look at the sunburned houses: Mühlebach has the oldest village centre in Switzerland of timber construction. Here there is a signposted house trail leading to objects worthy of seeing.

SiteHistorical building

Ernen village square

The showpiece of Ernen is the village square (Dorfplatz), around which numerous historic buildings are grouped, e.g. the St. Georg tavern (1535), the "Tellenhaus" (1576) with the oldest Tell frescos in Switzerland or the "Zendenrathaus" (dated 1750).

SiteHistorical buildingHistorical place

Hotel Ofenhorn

The hotel was built 125 years ago for English visitors - Winston Churchill also stayed in the Binn Valley in 1897.