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Fäld - Mässersee - Geisspfad

Hiking trail

Maniboden and the lakes Mässersee and Geisspfadsee are some of the most impressive landscape features in the park.

If you are not keen on walking for seven hours, you can just visit Maniboden and lake Mässersee and then go down from Schäre to the mineral mine and back to Fäld. This hike, with an altitude difference of 1,000 m, is only suitable for experienced mountain hikers.

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July, August, September, October


13.00 km
Amount untarred route
12.00 km
Vertical heigth
1000 m
Time required
4 hours 20 minutes
Level technique
Level condition


Starting point
Fäld (Altitude: 1547 m)
Arrival by public transport
Binn, Fäld Timetable SBB
Fäld (Altitude: 1547 m)
Arrival by public transport
Binn, Fäld Timetable SBB


Landschaftspark Binntal
Dorfstrasse 31
3996 Binn
Tel. +41 27 971 50 50

Fäld - Mässersee - Geisspfad

Fäld - Mässersee - Geisspfad

Bärgkristall Inn

Restaurant - Inn - Events - this triumvirate in the middle of the most remote permanently inhabited Walser settlement im Fäld in the valley of Binn (about 20 minutes with the car from Ernen).

RestaurantGuest house


The walk to Manibode takes 2 h 30 and lies on the route to the Geisspfad (goat's trail).

Natural landscape / Habitat

Lengenbach mineral quarry

From the car park in Fäld, it takes 20-30 minutes to get to the Lengenbach mineral quarry, which is one of the ten most famous places in the world where minerals are found.

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