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Grengiols - Saflischpass

Hiking trail

A challenging but unique hike which takes you from Grengiols via the Saflischpass to Rosswald.

The hike leads from Grengiols to the hamlet of Bächerhäusern and from here along the old sledging run, to the Breithorn mountain. The difference in altitude for this section is 1,200 metres so the ascent is very steep and tiring. You are justly rewarded when you reach the top of the Breithorn as you get a fantastic panoramic view of the region and can marvel at the unique Alpine flora. In July and August, you can admire the strictly protected edelweiss flower. The descent takes you past Furggen, where we recommend you visit the newly renovated Maria zum Schnee chapel.

From Furggen, the hiking route takes you over level or only gently rising paths to the Saflischpass. This is the linking route between the Saflischtal and the Gantertal valleys. After the top of the pass and a gentle descent, you reach Rosswald. From here, you can take the aerial cable car to Ried-Brig and from there the PostBus to Brig or you can also cover the final section on foot.

More informations

The hike takes about 6-8 hours.


All season


18.50 km
Amount untarred route
18.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
1500 m
Altitude difference descent
799 m
Time required
4 - 6h
Level technique
Level condition


Starting point
Grengiols (Altitude: 995 m)
Arrival by public transport
Grengiols Bahnhof Timetable SBB
Rosswald (Altitude: 1800 m)
Arrival by public transport
Rosswald Seilbahn Timetable SBB


Landschaftspark Binntal
Tourismusbüro c/o Konsum Grengiols
Dorfplatz 9
3993 Grengiols
Tel. +41 027 927 11 20

Grengiols - Saflischpass

Grengiols - Saflischpass

Grengiols tulips

The botanist Eduard Thommen described them as an independent species. "Tulipa grengiolensis" has been considered since then as a unique species of tulip that only grows in Switzerland. It flowers only in the village of Grengiols and its surroundings.

FaunaFloraNatural landscape / Habitat

Restaurant Grängierstuba

Cosy village restaurant with about 50 seats inside and 20 seats on the village square.


Furggen Alpine Committee

The Furggen Alpine Committee is responsible for the land management of the alp of the same name. The alp of Furggen is known for its traditional cheese production in a large copper vat over an open fire.

Alpine huts offering regional product

Volg Grengiols

Die Konsumgenossenschaft Grengiols wurde am 21. August 1910 gegründet. Sie zählt heute 130 Mitglieder und beschäftigt 4 Teilzeitangestellte, welche zusammen 2 Vollzeitstellen entsprechen.