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Chäserstatt Trail

Sledging trail

After a beautiful 2-hour ascent in the forest, the wonderful mountain panorama of Chäserstatt awaits you before you take the sledge back down to Mühlebach.

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January, February, March, April, December


2.30 km
Altitude difference ascent
577 m
Time required
1 hour 45 minutes
Level technique
Level condition


Starting point
Chäserstatt (Altitude: 1778 m)
Mühlebach, Dorf (Altitude: 1248 m)
Arrival by public transport
Mühlebach (Goms), Dorf Timetable SBB

Safety advices

Staying on unmarked/unsupervised trails can be life-threatening due to the risk of falls and avalanches as well as crevasses. Accidents cannot be excluded.
Contents and tours are compiled to the best of available knowledge, but it cannot be guaranteed that all details are correct.

Equipment rent

Sledges for hire in Sport Café in Ernen. Snowshoe rental is free with the Binntal Nature Park guest card. Mountain lodge on Chäserstatt with overnight accommodation. Hotels and restaurants in Ernen and in Mühlebach.

Possibilities for catering

Berghaus Chäserstatt, more restaurants in Ernen and in Mühlebach.


Tourismusbüro Ernen
Landschaftspark Binntal
Hengert 17
3995 Ernen
Tel. +41 27 971 50 55

Chäserstatt Trail

Chäserstatt Trail

Historic village Mühlebach

Make a stop in the small hamlet and look at the sunburned houses: Mühlebach has the oldest village centre in Switzerland of timber construction. Here there is a signposted house trail leading to objects worthy of seeing.

SiteHistorical building

Chäserstatt mountain lodge

Chäserstatt is a beautiful sunny spot in Switzerland. On the large sun terrace you can enjoy the overwhelming view of the Valais Alps and the Rhone Valley to the Weisshorn.

HotelFarm restaurant

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