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Ausstellung im BerglandHof

Ausstellung von Franziska Matter

Museum / Exhibition

Blatt and Oxefeld

On the alpine road and further along the Binna river, we come through a small canyon, whose rock, a Grisons slate, contains a striking quantity of garnets, to Wyssbach at the junction of the Turbewasser and the young Binna

Natural monumentNatural landscape / HabitatViewpoint

Church museum in Ernen

The parish church of St.Georg was built by the famous Prismell master builder Ulrich Ruffener under Bishop Matthäus Schiner of Mühlebach. The magnificent Baroque high altar dates back to 1758-61.

Museum / Exhibition

Dorfkapelle von Steinhaus

Die Kapelle der Heiligen Familie steht am idyllischen Dorfplatz von Steinhaus und wurde um 1728 erbaut. Der buntbemalte Altar zeigt die Heilige Familie auf dem Tempelgang nach Jerusalem, begleitet von der Taube des Heiligen Geistes.


Ernen village square

The showpiece of Ernen is the village square (Dorfplatz), around which numerous historic buildings are grouped, e.g. the St. Georg tavern (1535), the "Tellenhaus" (1576) with the oldest Tell frescos in Switzerland or the "Zendenrathaus" (dated 1750).

SiteHistorical buildingHistorical place

Grengiols tulips

The botanist Eduard Thommen described them as an independent species. "Tulipa grengiolensis" has been considered since then as a unique species of tulip that only grows in Switzerland. It flowers only in the village of Grengiols and its surroundings.

FaunaFloraNatural landscape / Habitat

Hamlet of Hockmatta

The attractively situated hamlet of Hockmatta was first mentioned in 1393 and stands on a once-busy track from Grengiols to Albrun. The few residential and utility buildings encompass an square-like interior, and there is a chapel on its west edge.

Natural landscape / HabitatSite


The Binntal Landscape Park authorities have created a small museum in an old alpine hut at Hanschbiel on the Binner Alpe. In summer it is only locked with an iron bar gate, so hikers can look in as they pass.

Museum / Exhibition

Historic village Mühlebach

Make a stop in the small hamlet and look at the sunburned houses: Mühlebach has the oldest village centre in Switzerland of timber construction. Here there is a signposted house trail leading to objects worthy of seeing.

SiteHistorical building

Jost-Sigristen Museum

The museum shows the life of the governor Jakob Valentin Sigristen before the invasion of the French into the old Valais.

Museum / Exhibition


The walk to Manibode takes 2 h 30 and lies on the route to the Geisspfad (goat's trail).

Natural landscape / Habitat

Mineral museum in Fäld

Private mineral museum owned by the crystal searcher André Gorsatt in the hamlet of Fäld at the mineral shop.

Museum / Exhibition

Regional museum in Binn

The exhibition is devoted to the thing that has made this valley famous far beyond Switzerland: minerals.

Museum / Exhibition

St James' chapel

St. James' chapel is dedicated to the patron saint of pilgrims, St. James the Elder and lies in what is called in common parlance "Uff dum Blatt" in the municipality of Grengiols on the way to the place of pilgrimage Heiligkreuz.

Cultural landscapeHistorical building

Town hall of Zenden Goms

with council chamber, archive, torture chamber and prison

Museum / Exhibition

Twing gorge

This deep gorge used to be a difficult passage in the trade route over the Albrun pass to Italy. Today the old track with small natural rock tunnels and rare flowers offers a spectacular landscape experience.

Natural monumentFloraHistorical placeViewpoint

Zur frohen Aussicht

In Ernen sind zum vierten Mal Werke von Kunstschaffenden aus dem Wallis und der restlichen Schweiz zu entdecken. Die Arbeiten werden eigens für den Ort geschaffen und sind im öffentlichen Raum und in besonderen Gebäuden zu sehen.

Museum / Exhibition

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