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© Oliver Ritz
© Oliver Ritz

Working groups

The involvement of the local population is vital to the sustainable development of the park. Around a hundred people are involved in different working groups, sub-groups and coordinating bodies in Binntal nature park.


Leaders: Irene Clausen und Dominique Weissen Abgottspon,

Tourism and culture in Binntal nature park must be promoted and expanded if the park is to continue to develop.


Leaders: Remo Wenger und Dominique Weissen Abgottspon

Binntal nature park has a very rich natural and cultivated landscape, which is of great value in encouraging soft tourism, i.e. environmentally and socially compatible tourism. As park tourism is developed into the future, it is important to care for, protect and preserve this landscape, and to restore and rehabilitate parts of it. The Natural and Farmed Landscape group comprises hunters and tourism professionals, gamekeepers and foresters, a biologist and a landscape architect, an educationalist and a mountaineer. The working group operates as a steering group, giving feedback on the Binntal nature park annual activity programme. It also develops new project ideas and discusses and resolves conflicts of interest regarding the protection and exploitation of the park. Sub-groups are often formed to work on smaller projects.


Leader: Samuel Bernhard

This working group supports the operation of the bus alpin, which provides public transport connections to the tourist destinations of Fäld, Brunnebiel and Breithorn. The working group analyses passenger numbers and costs, reviews and optimises the annual timetable and coordinates communication activities.


Leader: Monika Holzegger

The Village Renewal Group comprises representatives of the local communes. Together they develop joint approaches to revitalizing the villages in the region. For example, the group has drawn up regulations on residential properties, and this has been adopted by all the communal councils in the parks. Sub-working groups are responsible for the Grengiols Village Hotel and Niederwald visitors' centre projects. Over the next few years, the working group will be addressing the issue of non-residential buildings in need of renovation.


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