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Binntal nature park Tourism Association

Binntal nature park Tourism Association was founded on 1 April 2017, bringing together several of the villages in the park. The local tourism associations in Binn, Ernen and Grengiols were disbanded and the new association formed. The tourism association is responsible for promoting the destination, fostering the park's competitiveness and expanding tourism in the park. It also runs the tourist offices in Ernen, Binn and Grengiols.

Annual general meeting

The members' annual general meeting takes place on the first Saturday of March each year. It is the association's principal decision-making body. Membership is open to all natural and legal persons, associations, communes and groups of communes which have some kind of connection to local tourism, acknowledge the statutes and commit to paying the membership fee. The communes of Binn, Ernen and Grengiols are de jure members of the tourism association.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the association and supporting its activities, please call the Ernen tourist office on +41 27 971 50 55.

The Committee

As the executive body, the committee is responsible for the association's day-to-day business. It comprises representatives of the communes of Binn, Ernen and Grengiols, and of the hotel, accommodation and catering industries. 

  • Francesco Walter, Ernen communal council president
  • Daniela Guntern, Binn communal council member
  • Moritz Clausen, representative of the Binntal nature parc
  • Jasmine Seiler, representative of the gastronomy
  • Cecile Michlig, Grengiols communal council member
  • Gilbert Bayard, member of the board of the second home network association

Association statutes



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