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Organization and team

Binntal nauture park and Binntal nature park Tourism Association are separate associations with their own organizational management, but they work closely together. They cooperate on the basis of a jointly developed strategy and a service agreement. The administrative office of Binntal nature park is in Binn, and that of Binntal nature park Tourism Association is in Ernen.

Organizational chart (German)

Binn office

Dominique Weissen Abgottspon



Elena Macherhammer

Administration of Binntal nature park, Binn Tourism Office staff member


Dr. Felicitas Erzinger

Project leader, Nature and Landscape, Research


Julia Agten

Project leader, Environmental Education, GIS


Fabienne Escher

Project team member, Events and Markets


Brigitta Metry

Conservation supervision

Tourism Office team in Ernen, Binn and Grengiols

Siona Lang



Nicole Schmid

Ernen Tourism Office staff member


Coni Zeiter

Ernen Tourism Office staff member


David Zen-Ruffinen

Ernen Tourism Office apprentice


Brigitte Agten

Tourist Info Products Grengiols staff member

The following project leaders work with the park on the basis of service agreements:

  • Dr Klaus Anderegg, Landscape and Museum
  • Luzia Carlen von den Hoek, Kuratorin LandArt Ausstellung
  • Peter Clausen, Environmental Education and Volunteers
  • Monika Holzegger, Village Renewal and Economic Development
  • Adrian Kräuchi, Nature and Landscape
  • Dr Remo Wenger, Biodiversity
  • Dr Jürg Meyer, Geotourism
  • Brigitte Wolf, Communication
  • Andreas Weissen, Cross-border Cooperation and Products
  • Dr Amadé Zenzünen, Spatial Development and Villages

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