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Binntal nature park Association

Binntal nature park Association was founded on 4 October 2002 in order to create Binntal nature park. Since the park received the label for Regional Park of National Importance in 2011, the association's work involves implementing and developing its charta.

Annual general meeting

The association's annual general meeting takes place each year on the last Saturday in April. If Easter falls on the last weekend in April, the general meeting shall be held on the second last Saturday in April. It is the associations' principal decision-making body. Its members are the village communes, companies and private individuals living in the park, in other parts of Switzerland and abroad.

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The Committee

As the executive body, the committee is responsible for the association's day-to-day business. At least nine people sit on the committee, with each village in the park represented by one member.

• Moritz Schwery, Preisdent, head of Visp agricultural centre
• Francesco Walter, Vice President, Ernen communal council vice president
• Chantal Carlen
• Jacqueline Imhof, Binn communal council president
• Reinhard Ritz, Goms communal council vice president
• Sven Wirthner, Hunting, fishing and wild animal agency
• Armin Zeiter, Grengiols communal council president
• Edwin Zeiter, Bister communal council president
• Adeline Zumstein, co-manager of Büro Archeos

Association statutes (German) (PDF), 72KB

2021 annual report (German) (PDF), 12.4 MB

2020 annual report (German) (PDF), 10 MB

2019 annual report (German) (PDF), 8.6 MB

2018 annual report (German) (PDF), 2.6 MB

2017 annual report (German) (PDF), 4.4 MB

2016 annual report (German) (PDF), 4.8 MB

2015 annual report (German) (PDF), 4.6 MB

2014 annual report (German) (PDF), 1,8 MB

2013 annual report (German) (PDF), 3,2 MB 

2012 annual report (German) (PDF), 1,7 MB

2011 annual report (German) (PDF), 2.3 MB

2010 annual report (German) (PDF), 2.4 MB

2009 annual report (German) (PDF), 2.5 MB


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