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Konsum Ernen - Binn - Lax

Konsum Ernen - Binn - Lax

The village shops in the Landscape Park, so-called consumer cooperative societies, date back to the early 20th century. The shop in Ernen has joined forces with the branches in Binn and Lax to form a consortium offering Migros products. The shops stock products from the Landscape Park in addition to the standard range.
The consumer cooperative society Ernen-Binn-Lax also processes the orders taken via the e-shop of the Binntal Landscape Park.


Konsumgenossenschaft Ernen - Binn - Lax

Uli Grichting

3995 Ernen

+41 (0)27 971 11 36

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Ernen, Dorfplatz


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