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Alp Trail

Alp Trail

The start panel is located near the Migros grocery store in Ernen. From there, you proceed down a path next to the sports hall in a westerly direction across a meadow from where you have beautiful views of the village and the church. After a few hundred metres on the road, Binntalstrasse, the trail leads through the forest towards Binnegga. The beautiful views from there are a reward for your efforts. The route then continues across a meadow to the wood yard and to the road known as Alpe Frid Strasse. From here, the road climbs steeply in parts towards Egga, Alpe Frid, Rossboden. On your way, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and stunning views. You make the return journey down via Frid and the forest chapel back to Ernen.


Landschaftspark Binntal

Hengert 5

3995 Ernen

+41 27 971 50 55

Target groups

  • Adults
  • Children >12 years

Starting point

Starting point
Arrival with public transport (stop/station)
Ernen Dorfplatz
1195 m


1195 m


9.00 km
Amount untarred route
0.00 km
Vertical heigth
750 m
Time required
Level technique
Level condition

Equipment rent

Snow shoes available from the "Sport Café" in Ernen.

Safety advices

It can be highly dangerous to walk on slopes that are not marked/patrolled due to the risk of falling, avalanches and glacier crevasses. Accidents cannot be ruled out. Tours details are compiled to the best of our knowledge but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

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