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Hotel Ofenhorn

Hotel OfenhornHotel OfenhornHotel Ofenhorn

The traditional Hotel Ofenhorn is steeped in history. Rooms, passages and dining room exude the spirit of the Belle Époque, for the original furniture and decorations from the time the hotel was founded still grace the interior spaces. Some of the rooms were renovated to be cosy, while four were lovingly restored as "nostalgic rooms" and are reminiscent of the pioneering days of the hotel industry. Even the restaurant keeps to the traditional with its Valais specialities.


Business is partner of the park
Hotel Ofenhorn

Uf em Acher

3996 Binn

+41 27 971 45 45


Hotel Ofenhorn

Uf em Acher

3996 Binn

+41 27 971 45 45

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Binn Dorf


  • 30 Rooms
  • Seminarroom
  • Playground
  • Toilet


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