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Café Amy's Schafstube

Café Amy's SchafstubeCafé Amy's SchafstubeCafé Amy's Schafstube

In the space of only a few weeks, we converted a somewhat scruffy annex with a chicken coop into a very special kind of café. Built of wood, the room is full of light and radiates warmth and cosiness.
The café can seat about 16 - 20 people. In the small kitchen, we pay homage to the typical sweet and salty dishes of Binntal country cuisine.
We extend a very warm welcome to guests of all ages here on the sun-drenched Wandflüeh. We are also happy to welcome "Rex", "Fido" or whatever your four-legged friends are called.
We would be happy to organise small-scale celebrations for you: family, year-group, club and company celebrations. Just ask!
The name of the road, "Lengbodenstrasse", may be somewhat confusing. We live right next to the suspension bridge in Mühlebach which is an absolutely car-free area. You can reach us via the suspension bridge hiking trail "Hängebrücke Mühlebach – Fürgangen" or the other way round.


Café Amy's Schafstube

Amanda Imhof

Lengbodenstrasse 32

3995 Mühlebach

+41 27 921 60 83

+41 76 404 06 41

Additional information

You can find free parking in Mühlebach heading towards Steinhaus at "Parkplatz Hängebrücke" (suspension bridge car park) or in Fürgangen. You can also easily reach us by public transport (bus, train).


June, July and August open daily from 10am until 8pm

Arrival with public transport (stop/station)

Mühlebach Dorf


All season


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