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A great variety of fauna and flora

Amongst connoisseurs Binntal is known as a valley full of hidden treasures. If you walk through the landscape park with open eyes, you will discover a lot of small and big precious things. Up until now 184 animal- and plant-species that are on the red list have been discovered in Binntal Landscape Park!

The diversity of animals, plants and biospheres in the landscape park is astonishing: low-moor bogs, dry neglected grassland, dark spruce forests, barren alpine pastures, lush meadows, glacier forelands, sparse pine forests, dark mountain lakes, rock steppes, old fields, alpine meadows and much more, form a varied mosaic.

Natural factors such as the climate, exposition and the diverse geological subsoil led to this diversity. The traditional cultivation of the agricultural land is another factor that enabled this considerable biodiversity in the first place.

Binntal is mostly famous for its many rare flowers. During the second half of May, the Grengiols tulip (cf. circular tulip ring trail Grengiols) blossoms on the Kalberweid hill near Grengiols. It is a special breed that does not blossom anywhere else in the world. The Valais stock grows in the Twingi Gorge between Ausserbinn and Binn. In June the lady slipper gleams further back in the valley in the open forest. With a little bit of luck you might also come across the alpine aquilegia, the golden primrose, the campanula excisa, the Haller’s primrose, the Schleicher’s gentian, the meadow valerian etc.

You will also find quite a few endangered species of birds, butterflies and grasshoppers in the park. A true rarity, though, is the red amber snail, which is only a few millimeters long. This snail only lives in Eastern Grisons and the Twingi Gorge. It is the task of the Binntal Landscape Park to protect and strengthen those many natural and near-natural biospheres. Would you like to learn more about the nature in the landscape park? Come to one of our many nature excursions!