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In winter the Goms cross-country ski tracks begin in Niederwald. It is one of the most original and full-of-character villages in the area of Goms. The oldest house in this densely populated village dates back to the 16th century. The small village with its roughly 50 citizens is now world-famous. Cäsar Ritz, who later was declared «the king of hoteliers and hotelier of the kings» by King Edward VII, was born in Niederwald.

The Cäsar Ritz fountain, which stands on the village square, was a gift from Monique Ritz, Cäsar Ritz’s daughter-in-law, who is also the last representative of the Ritz dynasty. In 1994 the fountain was adorned with the Cäsar Ritz monument, a sculpture that was built by the sculptor Hans Loretan. One of the oldest and most marvellous houses in Niederwald is Cäsar Ritz’s birthplace, where people have lived in up until today. Also worth seeing is the St. Theodul church, which dates back to 1666. Its precious altars and pulpit were built around 1700.

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