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The villages that are involved in the Landscape Park are Binn, Ernen (including Ausserbinn, Mühlebach, Steinhaus), Grengiols, Bister, Niederwald and Blitzingen. Their most important features are valuable natural and cultural landscapes and significant landmarks. The typical, historic forms of settlement are villages and hamlets.

Population and economy


According to the yearbook of the Canton of Valais from the year 2009, the population amounts to 1288 residents. These are distributed as follows:

 Binn  147
 Bister 27
 Blitzingen 78
 Ernen  518
 Grengiols  474
 Niederwald 44
 Total 1'288


Since the start of the second part of the 20th century, the regional economy has been undergoing a long-lasting structural change from an agrarian to a service society including a shift from jobs in agriculture to jobs in the service sector. During this transformation many jobs have been lost in the areas of craftsmanship and trade. Some of them could be replaced due to the growth of the service industry, which was especially induced through tourism. The effects that urbanisation and globalisation had on the agglomerations and depletion of the peripheral regions, which are the results of the concentration of growth, have been noticeable since the mid 90s. Nevertheless, the region is provided with a potential for innovative marketable products and services, whose valorisation should facilitate an economic reorientation and stabilisation of the socio-economic situation.