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The Valais mountain village with rural tradition is located in a well-preserved cultural landscape on the trading trail that leads over the Albrun Pass. The village centre with its narrow and steep alley and its nearly circular village square is of national significance. Its landmark is its monumental neo-Romanesque church, which was built in 1914.

In 1799 Grengiols was destroyed by fire. Over 22 residential houses and 80 commercial buildings were burnt down. The village was restored, though, within only a few years after the fire. Due to a unique wild species of tulips, which blooms on some old rye crop fields in the second half of May, Grengiols has recently become known as the village of tulips. Grengiols is located at the foot of the Bättlihorn, which is its backyard mountain. The barren high plateau of the Furggen alp, the Breithorn with its extraordinary view of the Bernese Alps and the valley of Saflisch with its marvellous alpine flora and the crystal clear Blausee invite people to come and hike.

The nice hamlets of Ze Hyschere and Bächerhyschere are parts of Grengiols, too. On the hiking path to Ernen and Binn lies the beautifully located hamlet of Hockmatta, which nowadays is not being inhabited all year round anymore.

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