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With its 530 citizens Ernen is the most populous village in the Binntal Landscape Park. It used to be the main village of the district of Goms and the headquarters of jurisdiction. The dungeons in the town hall and the gallows on the hill between Ernen and Mühlebach are still witnesses of that time.

Thanks to the well-preserved village centre with its wonderful historic buildings like the Tellenhaus with the oldest Tell frescos of Switzerland, the Kapuzinerhaus or the Jost-Sigristen-Haus, Ernen was given the Henri-Louis-Wakker award by the Swiss Heritage Society in 1979. In the last few years Ernen has gained a reputation as the music village, in which there are many high quality concerts with international musicians during the summer. Mühlebach with the oldest compact Swiss village centre in timber construction, Ausserbinn and Steinhaus with their affectionately restored chapels are parts of Ernen, too.

You can also visit the mill in Bonacher, which lies just beneath Ernen. It is located at the Wuhr, which is an old water conduit that was used for watering the meadows. It is a floor mill in which the waterwheel lies horizontally underneath the building.

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