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Blitzingen is located in the middle of Goms. Today the village spreads over the original village of Blitzingen as well as the hamlets of Bodmen, Wiler, Ammern and Gadmen. Despite the small size of these hamlets, they have kept their autonomy until the cantonal constitution of 1848 led to merger.

Blitzigen has belonged to the district of Ernen since the 11th century. Together with Niederwald und Rottenbriggen, the five municipalities of Blitzingen built the parish of Ernen. The Chaschtebiel just above Blitzigen used to be the place of assembly of the entire district of Goms and the place where the banneret and the official manager were elected. In 1616 this part split from its mother church Ernen and thus Blitzigen founded its own parish in 1877. In the night from 12 to 13 September 1932 the village of Blitzigen burned down. Only a few houses, the church and Geren were spared. The village was re-erected in its traditional style within a year. Off the road lies the dreamy hamlet of Bodmen. In the West of it, in the Schmali, you can find the probably largest larch of the Valais. Measured on the ground, it has a circumference of 7 meters. In the hamlet of Ammern there is an outdoor and handcraft museum that attracts many people.

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