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The spruce village of Binn is at 1400 meters above sea level. The name Binn has only been given to the village in recent times. The original name of this main settlement with its SwissHistoric hotel Ofenhorn and its beautiful stone bridge was Schmidigehischere. Its parish church with its patron saint St. Michael adorns the face of the hamlet of Wileren. The village is of national importance and in 1992 it won the Heritage Prize.

The hamlets of Ze Binne, Heiligkreuz, Giessen and Fäld are also part of the village. In 1998, due to its sound, harmonious and picturesque scenery, Binn was the first Swiss village to receive a medal of the «Archicultra» foundation. Heiligkreuz is an old Valais place of pilgrimage and a very exceptional place of strength.

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